Boost Morale with AVI's Tailored Onsite Food Services

Businesses across America are transforming their workplace environments with onsite food services, significantly boosting employee morale, retention, productivity, and satisfaction. At AVI, we deliver scalable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. Each location benefits from personalized programs and services, including custom menus and diverse dining options, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for your employees.

Our commitment goes beyond exceptional dining. We foster relationships built on trust, dependability, and accountability, with a dedicated team focused on delivering excellence. Our expansive management team upholds AVI’s mission of quality, integrity, and hospitality, ensuring every detail contributes to an outstanding experience.

Our philosophy is simple: a great customer experience is crafted from thousands of thoughtful details. It’s not just about serving delicious meals daily; it’s about delivering great taste, freshness, a contemporary atmosphere, and exceptional value—all served efficiently by a friendly team.

AVI proudly serves a variety of settings, including:

  • Corporate office complexes
  • Municipal buildings and offices
  • Manufacturing locations
  • Distribution centers

Transform your workplace with AVI, where every meal is an opportunity to elevate morale and enhance employee engagement.


Seasonal authentic ingredients. Hand-made. From scratch. House-roasted. Locally sourced. Ethically sourced. Our culinary philosophy is not complicated. We prepare food from scratch incorporating an array of authentic flavor profiles from around the region, the country and the world.

We develop our menus for each individual client based on customer demographics and input – no corporate menu cycles. We bring a healthy approach to food and lifestyle. You will see the preparation of our foods, finished and presented before your eyes. 
You will experience a wide array of unique and delectable foods that will quickly become your new favorites. You will find that food diversity is not simply about discovering new tastes, but about expanding your knowledge of customs and traditions as we embrace the richness of human diversity.

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