Excellence in action

At AVI Foodsystems, our commitment to Culinary Excellence is at the heart of everything we do. This dedication extends beyond merely serving food; it encompasses a holistic approach that integrates health and wellness, sustainability, innovation, and personalized service. We believe in empowering individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices with educational resources and access to nutritious, delicious food options. Our sustainability initiatives ensure that we partner with suppliers who uphold high standards of environmental responsibility and food safety. By consistently offering fresh, high-quality ingredients and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim to exceed our clients' expectations and deliver unforgettable dining experiences. Discover how our unwavering focus on quality, adaptability, and exceptional service sets us apart in the foodservice industry.


Embracing a healthy lifestyle is easy with AVI’s nutriSOURCE wellness program. This revolutionary program leads the industry by providing a solid foundation for making healthy choices by promoting a holistic, healthy lifestyle through education, motivation and nutritious food. In addition, it addresses the challenge of helping consumers balance exercise and nutrition in today's fast-paced world. Healthier associates are more productive and save on healthcare costs. Healthy students are often happier, more engaged, miss fewer school days and have a better attitude towards their education. Overall, healthier people have more energy, endurance, and longevity. All-in-all, this program simplifies the path to a healthier life.

  • Healthy choices in dining, vending, micro markets, and catering
  • Wellness promotions create excitement for healthy eating
  • Educational resources on
  • Access to dietitians through nutriLINK Ask the Dietitian
  • AVI makes healthy choices easy and beneficial for everyone

At AVI, we recognize the need and demand for sustainability. Our procurement team actively seeks partnerships with trustworthy and high-quality suppliers that have a consistent track record of sustainable practices, food safety and integrity. Additionally, we work with our clients to create a program that aligns with their needs and continue to develop our vision and strategy for the future in the following ways:

  • Minimizing overall food production waste and energy usage
  • Collaborating with local providers to source foods for reduced environmental impact, when possible
  • Purchasing third-party certified food products and humanely raised animals, when possible
  • Utilizing post-consumer, recyclable products in our operations and food preparation whenever possible
The success of AVI is built upon family values and tradition. From modest means, AVI has grown into the largest private, independent, family-owned and operated foodservice company in the United States by exceeding the expectations of our customers. Today, AVI is still dedicated to serving our customers with the same personal relationships and integrity as we did more than a half century ago. Our commitment to Culinary Excellence extends beyond the food. Read below to see how we deliver excellence in every aspect of our service to you!
Adaptability & Flexibility
When it comes to food and hospitality services, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of delivering robust menus, the freshest, most flavorful food and exceptional personalized services. Our success comes from clear communication and strategic planning, which is achieved through listening to each of our clients’ individual needs. This enables us to execute every detail with precision and ensure a high quality, tasteful and memorable experience for all of our guests.
Selection and Variety
No matter which food or hospitality service you choose, one thing is certain: Our team strives to satisfy clients' and guests' needs with a variety of delicious options. We offer an ample range of fresh, high-quality food products, from large scale operations such as dining and catering to convenience services such as Market C and vending to refreshment services and more. You can rest assured knowing AVI has something for everyone.
Quality Fresh Food
At AVI we have made it a habit to continually provide quality service and the highest caliber of cuisine. We prioritize fresh, never frozen, ingredients to create scratch-made dishes, which are expertly crafted by our in-house chefs and culinary support teams. With deliberate steps at every stage of our culinary and service processes, we're confident we'll repeatedly exceed your expectations.
Innovation and Technology
We at AVI believe that if it can be thought of, it can be done; if it can be done, we will do it expertly. Simple as that. To remain ahead of the curve in food and hospitality service, we constantly evaluate ourselves against industry standards to ensure we are developing and using the most cutting-edge technology and processes available. For example, we have implimented new menu management systems, mobile ordering & pickup solutions, state-of-the-art menu boards and signage, client partner website customization, ghost kitchen, grab and go, kiwibots and so much more!
Perfect Presentation
AVI Foodsystems is your ideal partner for exceptional catering experiences, consistently delivering "Perfect Presentation" that ensures your events are unforgettable. With a blend of culinary expertise and meticulous attention to detail, AVI Foodsystems goes beyond simply providing delicious cuisine. From exquisite floral arrangements to coordinated linens and specialized china, we seamlessly bring together every element for a dining experience that exceeds expectations. It's not even a question; we will make your events not only delicious, but also visually stunning, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.
Excitement & Marketing
When you partner with AVI, you are not only getting industry-leading food and hospitality services, but also you are receiving personalized support from the marketing department. Contingent upon the programs and services implemented at your account, we can offer modern marketing solutions to meet timeless needs, which can include, but are not limited to: State-of-the-art digital display systems, robust social media, AVI serves website, print media (posters, banners, etc), location signage and branding combined, these multi-platform marketing efforts provide our guests with clear communication and generate continuous excitement about the offerings available to them.