Revolutionized Dining where Freshness Meets Innovation
AVI understands the evolving expectations of today's students and offers a transformative food service program that combines tailored experiences with nutritional excellence. Our comprehensive hospitality services cover campus dining, K-12 school dining, retail dining, catering, vending and beverage programs. With a commitment to fresh, sustainable, and customizable offerings, AVI is your partner in creating an extraordinary culinary experience that reflects innovation in education.
We recognize the pivotal role a culinary program plays in attracting and satisfying students and parents. Our AVI Fresh program is more than a concept; it's a way of life. In fact, our skilled culinarians craft many of our nutritious meals from scratch, utilizing recipes developed and perfected right in AVI’s own test kitchen by our corporate chefs. Elevate your institution’s culinary offerings with AVI, where freshness meets innovation for an exceptional dining experience.

Our AVI Fresh culinary program is a whole new approach to your campus dining program. It is a commitment to freshness in every phase and in every campus restaurant.

With contemporary venues and creative menus, our campus dining programs will differentiate your campus in the minds of current and prospective students. The driving force behind our plans for campus dining is our desire to be a part of our client’s campus community by sharing our passion for food and hospitality through freshly prepared selections, creative concept and a dedication to complete and total customer satisfaction.

Our campus dining programs include:

  • ‍Fresh foods everywhere
  • Salad dressings prepared from scratch
  • Fresh, hand-cut lettuce for salads
  • Unique and innovative menus that change with each season
  • Pizza dough and sauce made fresh daily
  • House-baked desserts and pastries

Experience the AVI difference, where culinary excellence meets innovation and education, setting your institution on a path from ordinary to extraordinary.


Our partnership with clients ensure young minds are fueled and nourished to help enhance their academic performance. Through a deliberate pace of growth, we currently provide school dining service programs to more than 65 schools in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan.‚Äč We understand the importance of the developmental and social skills that are built when dining with friends.

Our K-12 dining programs began 22 years ago with one local private school lunch program. Since this time, we have continued to grow and expand tremendously with many new accounts coming through referrals from business dining clients asking us to provide dining services for their children’s schools.

We know food can create memories, break down barriers and bring people together. 
Our fresh food dining approach combines culinary excellence, menu variety, cultural diversity and family hospitality to create exceptional K-12 dining experiences. We have vast experience in both private and public school dining. We create showcase culinary programs for private schools and equally impressive dining programs that recognize the importance of tight public education budgets.

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